Practicalities and prices


  • Psychotherapy, 50 min.:    DKK 1,200
  • Psychotherapy, 80 min.:    DKK 1,900
  • Psychotherapy, 100 min.:    DKK 2,400
  • Supervision, 60 min.:    DKK 1,600
  • Supervision, 90 min.:    DKK 2,400
  • Supervision, 120 min.:    DKK 3,200


Payment is made in cash or via MobilePay in connection with each consultation.

Payment for groups or courses is by agreement.

Cancellation rules and change of times

Cancellations and changes to times must be made no later than 24 hours before the agreed time via SMS to phone +45 50 28 40 66. In the event of a missing or later cancellation, the full fee will be invoiced.

It is possible to hold phone or video consultations if you are prevented from physically attending.

Referral from own doctor

I do not have an agreement with the health insurance. Therefore, unfortunately, I cannot receive referrals from my own doctor.

As a rule, however, you can have your conversations with me covered by health insurance if you have one. (See below).

Sygeforsikringen danmark

If you are a member of the Danish health insurance (Group 5, 1 or 2), you can get a subsidy of up to DKK 300 per session when you are on a course with me. If you are between 16 and 25 years of age, the subsidy is larger. You just have to remember to inform me about your membership and I will make an electronic report.

It is not necessary to contact your own doctor to be referred first.

Learn more on Sygeforsikringen “danmarks” homepage

Insurance agreements

Health insurance, insurance companies and trade unions in some cases fully or partially subsidize psychological help.

It is important that you already agree with your insurance company that it will pay before you start your sessions with me – and preferably get them to confirm this in writing.

Also be aware that you sometimes have to insist on being allowed to choose a psychologist yourself, instead of the insurance choosing one from their own network of psychologists.

Learn more about the possibilities of getting subsidized