Couples therapy – rediscover the love between you and make it grow

Couples therapy helps to create greater physical and psychological closeness, resolve recurring discussions and misunderstandings or find a way out of crises caused by infidelity, serious illness, poor finances or other.

With a course with me, you sharpen your attention to yourself and your relationship. You will be able to achieve:

  • Greater acceptance of - and room for - each other’s differences
  • Greater understanding of the core of your problem - where, how and why it goes wrong
  • Better communication and fewer misunderstandings
  • More intimacy and presence in everyday life
  • Resolution of deadlocked conflicts

Couples therapy can be of help to lovers, cohabitants and spouses. However, it also applies to other couple relationships such as e.g. parent/child, siblings, friends, colleagues, neighbors or others who want to resolve recurring conflicts or develop a more loving and trusting relationship.